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Bladder Patients

“My internist discovered a mass in my kidney. We thought it was a routine thing and that it may not be a problem. We saw Steve Dejter, and on a Christmas weekend, he came back to the office from surgery to make sure we could talk about it, which we really appreciated. He didn’t want to let it go.

I had spoken to a radiologist friend and Ken and my daughter came with me to the conference. The radiologist told me to find a surgeon who does my procedure laparoscopically and has done a lot of the procedures. The first line out of Steve’s mouth was, “We do this laparoscopically and we do this a lot.”

He also told that I’d done my homework and then talked to use like equals, which we also appreciated. He’s really up on the latest research, too.

We’d both been seeing Dr. Dejter for a while when my husband’s blood pressure went up and he had some serious bladder problems. Steve once again came through for us. He and his partner Ed both took care of Ken, taking time for us and teaching me how to do things so that Ken could stay out of an extended stay at the hospital.

He called us every night to make sure things were okay and his wonderful office staff checks in regularly, too.

I feel like he knows us and we know him and that makes all the difference. It’s very reassuring.

We’re at the beach right now and we’re enjoying a good life – thanks to Steve Dejter.”

-Diane and Ken F.