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Kidney Patients

“I’ve had a couple of procedures done by Dr. Dunne. I’ve had prostate cancer and I also had a serious kidney stone. He removed both. One surgery was very invasive; one not as much.

Ed Dunne has a terrific bedside manner. We have some common interests, as we’re both avid cyclists. We spend more time talking about bike rides now than medical procedures. I almost feel as if he’s one of my cycling buddies.

For my prostate surgery, he was really wonderful. I’ve never questioned his medical ability because I know they’re very good at what they do. He did recommend that I not stay in the hospital overnight and that was nice because I had no way of making that decision before surgery. The anesthesiologist gave me things and I was in euphoria after surgery and when I went home.

But he called me early the next morning. ‘Hi, this is Ed,’ he said. ‘How are you feeling today?’ He had just gotten all the cancer out of me and I think he’s a really, really great person.

There were problems with my kidney stone and he took a conservative approach, which I appreciated. I had a stent put in and was afraid of the procedure to take it out. Dr. Dunne told me, “James – I don’t do pain,’ and then he pulled it out. I was so struck by that, and I relaxed and it didn’t hurt at all.

I also had a series of biopsies before my prostate cancer was found, which my friends assured me would be miserable and horrible. But not with Dr. Dunne.”

-James G.

“I am a big Steve Dejter fan. I was first sent to him by a friend and he’s performed a prostatectomy on me and gotten rid of kidney stones, too. I’ve seen him twice a year for the past 14 years or so.

I’m sure his average patient is a middle-aged or elderly man going through a tough period in life. But Steve can produce an environment and an attitude that actually make you look forward to seeing him. He’s got a unique and unparalleled sense of competence and calm, but he’s also almost effusive in his ability to find the bright side of things.

As an example, when I came out of surgery with him he was so upbeat. He said to me in his smiling, aw-shucks manner, “I love that smell when that laser hits the bad tissue and you know you got it.” It was the best news I could have received and he genuinely loved to share it with me.

His ability to stay positive and encouraging and to extend himself to the people he treats is unique among practitioners.”

-Everette E.

“Dr. Dejter is a wonderful person as well as an an excellent doctor! I’ve seen him for kidney stones and pretty serious ureter problems. You’re talking to a person who’s gone through a lot of doctors and practices for various things. I feel like like can actually say, with all the medical people I’ve visited, he is unique among all of them.

They broke the mold with him as a physician and as a human being. A great diagnostician with a really nice bedside manner. I don’t have enough good words to say about him! You can tell he’s highly regarded in the hospital too, because you get great care at Sibley when you’re there in his care. For us, he’s a real hero. We’ve known him for 15 years and his whole office is that way.”

-Bessie S.

“He’s a human being first. He’s done lots of work on both my kidneys and I’m always happy when I leave his office. He treats his patients like he treats his family and makes me feel like I’m his family.”

-Dina S.