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Prostate Patients

“I’m 67 now, but started going to Dr. Dunn in my early 50s on the recommendation of my internist. I saw him for several years and he diligently took blood and measured my PSA count, which is an indicator of prostate cancer.

About five years ago my counts spiked and he was concerned about the rate of the increase. After another test and a needle biopsy of my prostate, he told me it came back positive for cancer. Now there are different ways to measure prostate cancer and its rate of growth and malignancy. In my case he told me I couldn’t wait around.

Dr. Dunne asked me to come in with my wife, and we spent two hours going through all my options. Rather than being vague, he was very clear about various pros and cons, and we picked what we were going to do right away. He helped me set up advance blood donations and I had my surgery at Sibley.

He’s very methodical about checking up, and follows you carefully for years to make sure there’s no recurrence.

He saved my life. Had I not done this I’d be dead. I’m very appreciative for Dr. Dun and his no-nonsense, patient-first style. He does not rush you through, and his staff is extremely friendly, too, and really get to know you.

I had a great experience with him, and would recommend him to anyone.”

-Patrick O.


“I have nothing but praise for Dr. Dunne. He removed my cancerous prostate on January 16, 2002, which is a day I’ll never forget, and everything worked beautifully. He told me I was, “a poster child for recovery,” and that’s one comment I will never forget either.

Of course people are generally reticent about saying anything about prostates, but I will always recommend Dr. Dunne if ever asked. I told him that I would be delighted to talk to patients and several people have called me in the last several years. I always give him glowing reports.

I will write my praise for him in bronze if necessary. Dr. Dunne was a valuable person in my life.”

-Maxwell H.


“Ed delivers an outstanding patient/doctor relationship that provides an extremely high level of patient confidence and an excellent bedside demeanor.

My primary care physician had been doing my PSA test. I had been seeing him for years and he’d been watching my PSA counts. He began recommending I see a urologist for more advanced tests and I ended up at Foxhall Urology and Dr. Dunne.

At his recommendation, I saw him every several months for a test. One July, my test came back with a high probability that I had cancer cells in my prostate. Dr. Dunne did a biopsy and found low levels of cancer.

He asked me to bring my wife along, whom he had never met, and he carefully explained my treatment options. I just wanted it out of there. In mid-October he performed surgery at Sibley. Thank goodness the cancer hadn’t penetrated anywhere outside of my prostate.

I went back to be tested every six months for five years. Now I go every November. So far, so good. Dr. Dunne has a good sense of humor. He says that this is the only game you play where all zeros win. I am pleased to recommend him anytime.”



“Dr. Dejter has kept me alive since 1993! He removed my prostate, got me on the right medication, encouraged me, and I consider him like a son. In fact, when I go into the office, they all say to Steve, ‘Your father’s here.’

I’m 82 now and still see Steve for a shot and check-up every four months or so. He takes care of my son and myself. I trust him completely. When I was diagnosed with cancer, he sat me down with my family and we went through all my choices. I asked him, ‘What would you do?’ and he told me he’d get his prostate removed. So that’s what I did.

His mannerism is extremely wonderful. He makes you feel like you’re the only one in the office.

All I can tell you is that I love Steve. People should be running to him. He’s a wonderful man.”

-Nick V.


“I have ongoing prostate problems. But Dr. Dejter diagnosed the first problems immediately years ago. He chose minimal procedures first, which gave me several years of relief. He has since performed other procedures and I see him about every six months.

Each time I go he talks to me and there’s never any rush. He explains the mechanics and issues clearly. I’m a physician myself, so I can talk the language. He’s always been very aware of my health and any other issues, too, which is important. He performs a thorough exam. There’s nothing about him that’s hurried and onto the next patient. He also won’t push to rush into any more procedures.

I feel very confident with him. He really listens to what I say, and we can discuss it each time.

The Foxhall Urology office seems extremely efficient. I’m always taken into the exam room on time, and the supporting staff seem very friendly and competent. I have a frustrating and recurring problem, but I just feel very trusting in him.

I’m very pleased to be able to recommend him.”

“Eight years ago Dr. Dejter performed a prostatectomy on me that totally took care of my prostate cancer. I’ve had no recurrence since the operation. In addition, I am pleased to add that I have had none of the negative secondary issues that I once feared could be a problem after surgery.

I highly recommend Dr. Steven Dejter as a surgeon and a consultant. He made me fully aware of all the risks involved and he delivered, doing exactly what he said he was hoping to do for me. I believe his surgical team and techniques worked extremely well and that he has excellent skills.

-Gerald R., M.D


I do not know where the world is going with the new cyberknife technologies, but I am convinced that the skill of the surgeon remains most important. I don’t know a better or more talented surgeon than Dr. Dejter. I was very, very fortunate to have Dr. Dejter as my doctor.”

-Terry E.


“I’m a retired dermatologist and a patient of Dr. Dejter’s, and I respect him immensely as a physician and person.

But I’ve known Steve since he was a little boy. I used to sail with his father and know his family well. Steve became my urologist when he went into practice.

Many years ago, Steve recommended a routine biopsy for me. He did it because he felt something was wrong. He was being careful and that’s just the way he practices medicine. He’s careful, and very kind and warm, just like his father. He has a subtle sense of humor and his smile just wins you over.

In any case, he detected cancer very early for me. That was more than 10 years ago.

He’s the only urologist I’d ever recommend to anyone. I don’t need any more urologists as long as Steve is around.”

-Crawford B., M.D


“I met Dr. Dejter in 2005 after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer by Dr. Yow. I was relatively young and my PSA count was low. But I had an unusual growth and my doctor sent me to Steve to check everything out.

I was very anxious and, it turns out, rightly so. My cancer turned out to be fairly aggressive.

He was very clear about my situation and choices. At the same time, he was also very soothing and comforting. Besides that, something else I appreciated was that he was very confident in the way he addressed the challenge.

I was lucky to have some particularly good resources to do reference checks on my doctor choices. When I researched Steve, everything came back with glowing responses and reports.

I ended up selecting Dr. Dejter as my surgeon. He took care of everything and I have since recommended him several times to friends and acquaintances. He’s very consultative, and always very responsive. When you’re dealing with a serious disease, he’s everything you want in a doctor.”

-Scott A.


“Dr. Steve Dejter saved my good parts and removed the bad parts. For most prostate cancer patients in early stages of the disease, there are many options and alternative therapies to consider. When faced with these choices, for me it all came down to “watchful waiting,” robotic surgery or Steve Dejter. I chose Steve.

He is the consummate medical professional: competent; enthusiastic; able to listen; great coach; and he also has the unique experience of being a prostate cancer survivor, which has provided me with the confidence to beat the disease over the past four years since my prostatectomy.

Dr. Steve Dejter is the best choice when you come to the crossroads of treatment choices.”

-Chris N.